White Wolf presents

Convention of Thorns

A live action role play experience about vampires


Convention of Thorns was a live action role play about vampires in 1493. During the event, more than 200 participants dressed up in costume and became vampires for 4 days at the beautiful historical castle of Zamek Ksiaz in Poland. 

The event was produced by Dziobak Larp Studios, in cooperation with White Wolf – the company behind the fictional World of Darkness, the setting for the event.

Convention of Thorns was run a total of three times during 2016 – 2018, and received great international acclaim. 


Convention of Thorns was designed by the team at Dziobak Larp Studios, which ran more than 50 spectacular live action role play events at stunning locations during its existence.

Company CEO Claus Raasted served as lead designer on the project, managing a huge team of both professionals and volunteers. Much of the content was created by the participants themselves, with inspiration from the fictional World of Darkness, in which vampire are real.

Most of the team behind the event has since gone on to produce other immersive events. None are (as far as we know) actual vampires.


For any inquiries about the project, you are welcome to reach out to Claus Raasted, former CEO of Dziobak Larp Studios and lead designer and project leader for the original Convention of Thorns. 

Reach him at [email protected]

Should you be interested in pictures or videos from the event, please reach out to Horseradish Studios, which is run by Dziobak Larp Studios former Head of Media, Nadina Dobrowolska.

For any questions regarding White Wolf and the World of Darkness, contact Paradox Interactive.


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